Drive Bookmarks – Privacy policy

What data is accessed ?

Drive Book­marks access the fol­lo­wing data from your Google account :

  • your Google Drive meta­da­ta (file­names, file id and links)
  • a unique token to authen­ti­cate with your Google account 

Where is it stored ?

  • file links and id are sto­red direct­ly in your Fire­fox book­marks and now­here else
  • the authen­ti­fi­ca­tion token to your Google Drive account is sto­red in your Fire­fox local storage

The edi­tor (me) of Drive Book­marks has zero know­ledge of the authen­ti­fi­ca­tion token or any per­so­nal data. No data is ever sent or sha­red over the network.

How can I delete data ?

  • you can delete files data in the book­marks by dele­ting the bookmarks
  • you can delete the authen­ti­fi­ca­tion token by remo­ving Drive Book­marks exten­sion from Firefox